This is the story about Riderland, a world two lucky fellows discovered
It all began with a challenge that led them to the street
to play some tunes to look for smiles, they didn’t know she was passing by
Their music brought her back again like a whisper
Welcome to Riderland
The young fiddler lit hope in their hearts, the whistles and the pipe gave passion and glory
Their melodies betrayed the calm of the nicest streets in town
Five different stories flowing into one, nothing that happened happened by chance
Like a spark lights the beginning of something
Welcome to Riderland
The morning mist leaned out of the dark, and a sweet waking up slid down the mountains
to watch the birth of Street Wings fellowship
They played some tunes they looked for smiles, a breath of fresh air getting rid of the dust
If my life began to be just a number
I’d stay in Riderland